Meike & Marian | Bochum, Germany

[I do, I do, I do”]

Summer night in Germany (rainy, of course) before the wedding. We can hear the rain as well as feel the cool breeze inside the tent that has been set up in Uncle Willy’s garden; beautiful soulful garden. Beer in hand (german beer, no less) we discuss marriage. We joke with Marian about the phrase he had to practice all night long: “I do, I do, I do”. I ask both M&M what will the wedding do for their relation. They agree: nothing, but it does not mean that it is a meaningless experience. Quite the opposite… But then, how can nothing, be something? Because marriage is not something you do, it is something you are. Being in a relation is something that makes a one and one a two. The one becomes a pair, a couple. M&M won’t do a marriage work, they will-be married. There was a wedding, but before and after it: a relation, a bond. Yours. Being married is something you are liebe Marian und Meike. And I, a witness of the expressive moment of “we are” that took place on your wedding day. For this: Danke schön meine freunde.

 Photographed by: Ian Balam & Lili Rojo | Venue: Opas Haus | Destination: Bochum, Germany

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