Josemine & Dave | Oakland, CA

[-“Is he a devout man? asked the Arcbishop of San Francisco” I believe he is, for she is.]

One day she graduates a Doctor, the next she is ready to get married. And she did. They did. Like most doctors they live the fast life, and yet they find the time to be devoted. Perhaps it is the other way around, their devotion is such that they can manage to make time their ally, just as much as their families were. From the flower girls who maintained posture during High-Mass, Nico displaying his affection through singing and dancing all the way to Mr. Miranda and Mrs. Carey becoming Hollywood Producers.

Once and again, it is a matter of devotion. And hard work. There might be many other ingredients that are as important, but those two can never be absent. As Doctors and as Believers may you always keep those two at hand.


Photographed by: Ian Balam & Noah Hawthorne | Venue: Lake Merrit Hotel | Destination: Oakland, CA

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