I live between two marriages: one with my darling family, and the other with my work. In both I find a better version of me. The former shall always remain my comfort, my dwell. The latter a source of inspiration and energy. My working hours are devoted to two companies that strive to find a balance between making a profit and having an aesthetic and social purpose.

I, however, have an affair with wedding photography. Not because it allows me to escape my “other life”, but because it makes me love it even more. By looking at people’s expressions of overwhelming and unreserved joy (which is found very easily in places like weddings or even perhaps the departure/arrival halls at airports) I think of the elements that make it possible for humans to experience loving bonds, such as mine with my family. In many ways, while being a wedding photographer I am reminded of my being a husband and a father.

Through my imagery couples may find a reminder, not of the beginning of their marriage (for weddings are not their beginning but the continuation of an existing relationship) but of a promise. One I made, one you are about to make.

For once, it was also my wedding day.

And in the fullness of time, my children may have one too.

Ian Balam

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