Erin & Justin | Troy, NY

[“Does it change anything?”]

What does it change Justin? What will you find transformed in you, dear Erin? Something has to change, otherwise wedding days would not be given the importance they are given. Otherwise, this would have happened sooner; or probably never.

When it comes to love we promise it will last for as long as we live, that is, it will not be altered. We bow to uphold that promise unchangeable. And yet, when getting married, we argue that our relation has moved forward. Why this contradiction? Is it contradictory? I see you and think: the word might not change, but the meaning does. You as a concept will remain Erin & Justin, but concepts without context have no meaning. The everyday life, our every night thoughts provide it. What will it change? What has changed? For those of us interested in whatever amendment, reordering you do on the Concept of you, we’ll have to pay attention to the little things: the new porch on your house, the guest room that will be used to host a more permanent guest. The pile of gadgets he creates. The drawer of presents she keeps full. Erin and Justin as a concept and as context will, as any other project, demand remodeling now and then. But it will remain the dwell in which you create meaning to your lives. I thank you, dear couple in the woods, for making me part of your context on such a beautiful day. May you change. May you remain.

  Venue: Pruyn House | Destination: Troy, New York

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