Andrea und Christian | Reken, Deutschland

Three years ago, another German wedding. But at that time you were Bridesmaid and Groomsman. There were jokes about the two of you getting married, although it already seemed something bound to be. You Christian, showed photographs of younger times as evidence of how Marian und Meike discovered one another. You Andrea, got teary eyes as Meike was putting on her dress. You smiled, and laughed, and danced, and singed, and even made the Bochum Police stayed a bit after they had showed up at 2am to quiet the music tracks being played aloud.

Three years ago you were Andrea und Christian; three years after it was someone else turn to shed some tears while watching Andrea und Christian mit Jonas getting ready for a natural, honest and candid wedding.

And we discussed this: how time goes by very fast. And how the older one gets, the more sensitive one becomes to said passing. Specially when we have become parents.

Three years ago I just met you and hardly knew anything about your lives. And while there is still plenty I would like to know, I am now – and have been for a while – sure to call you friends. And to honestly feel happy to see you growing as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. What will the future bring? Maybe three years from now? The answer is of course unknown, but the wish that it may be as plentiful and exciting as it has been for you will remain.

I thank you for letting me be part of your day. For calling me a friend and for the opportunity to meet your families. I got to be a bit German while discussing life, love, the world and the town with them and with you. I got to be photographer and guest. I got to be happy for you.




Photographed by: Ian Balam | Venue: Alte Windmühle | Destination: Reken, Germany

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