Ale & Tom | Querétaro, México

[no sé si en algún momento podré estar más lista para casarme, lo que sí es sé es que nunca antes lo había estado”]

Is our being ready more a matter of choice or destiny? Are we ever prepared for experiences like marriage? Is there a best time? Is there a best “me” for the “you” I see and love? Alejandra once told me she knew she was ready to marry Tom not so much because all the signs were there, but because she felt it. It often happens our choices, deliberate or not, make destiny possible. Our feeling right, proof or not, triggers life. We feel like being set, we want to be prepared, we choose to be ready. You were ready then. Be ready now. For you need to keep on choosing to be ready, every day, every morning, after office hours, during sickness and health, once and again. Gracias por el espacio, por el tiempo, por ustedes. Indudablemente, gracias.

Espacio: Hacienda Jurica | Destino: Querétaro
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